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General Health
Active ingredient: Persantine

The drug dilates coronary vessels (mostly arterioles) and causes a significant increase in volumetric blood flow velocity. Increases the content of oxygen in venous blood of coronary sinus and its absorption by myocardium. Promotes the development of collateral coronary circulation, reduction in a systemic vascular resistance, improves microcirculation, has angioprotective action.

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Persantine 25mg
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Persantine product description

Persantine belongs to the group of drugs affecting the system of blood and blood formation in the human body. The composition includes Dipyridamole - a medical agent used in order to reduce coagulation. Dipyridamole was originally proposed as a coronary-extending (dilating heart vessels) antianginal (anti-anginal) medical preparation. According to experimental data, the drug expands coronary vessels (heart vessels), increases the volume rate of coronary (cardiac) blood flow, improves the supply of myocardium (cardiac muscle) with oxygen. Increases myocardial tolerance to hypoxia (cardiac muscle resistance to oxygen deficiency).

When the circulation in the main coronary vessels is disturbed, this pharmaceutical promotes an improvement in blood circulation in the collateral vasculature (along the blood vessels, by which blood flows around the affected vessel). Under its influence, the total peripheral resistance (total mechanical resistance to blood flow through the vessels) also decreases, the systemic blood pressure decreases somewhat, and cerebral circulation improves.

In the mechanism of the vasodilator effect of Dipyridamole, an increase in the formation of adenosine, one of the participants in the autoregulation of coronary blood flow (regulation by the heart of the rate of blood flow through its vessels) plays a significant role. Dipyridamole is a competitive inhibitor of adenosine deaminase, an enzyme that cleaves adenosine. As coronary dilatant, Dipyridamole is currently limited in use. It is sometimes used for chronic ischemic heart disease.

An important feature of Dipyridamole is its ability to inhibit aggregation (adhesion) of platelets and prevent the formation of clots (blood clots) in the vessels. The drug stimulates the biosynthesis (formation in the body) of prostacyclin and suppresses the synthesis of thromboxanes (biologically active substances taking part in the regulation of vascular tone and the coagulation system of blood).

Persantine safety information

This medical remedy is contraindicated in patients with the prevalent stenosing atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries (a disease of the heart vessels characterized by a decrease in their lumen), thrombocytopenia, intolerance of components, liver and kidney failure in severe form, hemorrhagic syndrome, arterial hypotension, subaortic stenosis of the aorta, cardiac decompensated insufficiency. It is forbidden to prescribe this medication to patients younger than 12 years.

Persantine side effects

According to anti-aggregation activity, Dipyridamole is inferior to Ticlopidine, close to Acetylsalicylic acid. At the same time, it is better tolerated than Acetylsalicylic acid, does not exert ulcerogenic (causing gastric ulcer) action. Dipyridamole is usually well tolerated. In some cases, short-term reddening of the face (vasodilator effect), increased pulse, allergic skin rash.

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